About Us

Risen Savior first opened its early childhood program in 2002 with three classrooms and 88 students. Over the years, we have added on to the the facility, which now features three indoor play rooms, a library, the STEAM room, two dramatic play rooms, and a cozy corner, which is a room dedicated to mindfulness and developing self-regulation strategies. Risen Savior is proud to be a Quality First 4-Star center!


There are almost 50 child care, preschool, and kindergarten providers in the Chandler area, who all charge about the same for their services. Therefore, it usually costs no more to secure the very best available early childhood development and educational programs for your child. Come, experience the difference! Schedule your tour by calling 480.802.1505.

Our Story

Risen Savior first opened the Early Childhood Center in 2002 with three classrooms and 88 students. Over the years, we have added classrooms to the first floor and built the second floor to accommodate our growth. In addition to classrooms, your child benefits from dedicated spaces for indoor gross motor play, library, STEAM room, dramatic play, and the cozy corner focused on mindfulness and teaching self-regulation.

Philosophy & Mission

Risen Savior Early Childhood Center provides a nurturing environment where the child is encouraged to grow developmentally.  Our curriculum is designed to enhance the child spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and socially.  Our teachers provide a complete age and developmentally appropriate curriculum and encourage the child to learn through play in classrooms with low student-teacher ratios.  Opportunities are provided for families to become part of our community.  Events, programs and activities are provided to support the whole family spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially. 

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Academic standards are critical in any school, but how they are built into the curriculum vary greatly among early childhood centers. Risen Savior incorporates academic standards into activities that are hands-on and fun! Risen Savior prides itself on developing a love of learning in children. Teachers plan their lessons so that children have the opportunity to develop a hypothesis, experiment a little and adjust their hypothesis, if needed. We don’t want them to be afraid of being wrong. It lessons their willingness to take risks, which is paramount in learning to read and developing a greater breadth and depth of knowledge throughout their education.

What We Offer


Teachers at Risen Savior are trained in both the Infant/Toddler Developmental Guidelines and the Early Learning Standards as published by the Arizona Department of Education. The work of the young child is to play. The work of the teacher is to complicate the play. We do this by embedding learning standards into classroom activities throughout the day.

The faculty bring a variety of teaching methods and resources into our early childhood classrooms. We are proponents of emergent curriculum where the theme ideas come from the children themselves. Teachers embed standards in center based activities related to the interests of the children.



Our Infant Program is for babies 6 weeks through 12 months AND walking. This program is centered on the individual needs of each baby. Planned activities are designed to promote developmental milestones in the first and most important year of brain development!

Toddlers & Twos

Children this age are working on their identity – who they are and how they fit into the world around them. Teachers of this age group build strong relationships with families to help foster the sense of self of their students.

Preschool & Pre-K

Three and four year old children have the opportunity to explore, discover and create their own knowledge through developmentally appropriate activities. Learning is fun, meaningful and designed to meet the interests of the children.


Our Kindergarten program optimizes children’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development by maximizing individual attention. Learning goals include the awareness of values, attitudes and capabilities as an individual and as a member of a group. Classes also focus upon academic challenges in literacy, numeracy, science, anti-bias education, social studies, visual arts, music, and physical education, consistent with AZ Academic Standards. Tuition costs may be fully offset by scholarships.


Experience has taught us the tremendous importance of family involvement in their child’s school activities.  For this reason, we have instituted an extensive offering of free, or very inexpensive, Family Fun Events, (held on our campus) that set us apart from all other centers. Included are: The Spring Fling, Bunny Breakfast,  the Annual Food Drive, Water Day, Fall Festival, Give Thanks Breakfast, and the Christmas Program/Jingle Jam.


What Our Families are Saying

“We LOVE Risen Savior school! My son gives his teachers hugs every day and is excited to go to school. I can tell he is genuinely happy there and is learning a lot. He enjoys chapel and singing songs about Jesus.  I like that they plan events for the children and also have events where parents can come and meet other families. We are very happy we chose this preschool! The front desk staff greets us each day with a smile and are always helpful. I visited numerous preschools and researched a lot in the area. We are thrilled with our choice and look forward to having our son in the 4 year old’s room.”

“We absolutely love Risen Savior.  The entire staff is wonderful and welcoming.  We know this is exactly where our boys need to be and can already see huge growth after just the first 3 weeks of school starting. Our boys are loved, cared for and enjoying every day of school while learning.”

“My son and I absolutely love this school! It is such a blessing we found such an amazing school with genuine and caring teachers/staff after a bad experience at a different facility. We have been there for about 2 months now and I’m very surprised how at ease I feel and how much trust I have in them already. You can tell they really love their kids! I appreciate the amount of time they take to get to know each individual child. They communicate with us parents very well. When I pick my son up I get a summary of his day, which really tells me they are INVOLVED. Thank you Risen Savior for loving our children and giving anxious parents like me peace knowing my child is in good hands! And thank you God!”